Advanced Composite Materials

ICACM 2021

ICACM 2021 | Virtual Conference | August 25-27, 2021

ICACM 2021 was originally planned to be held in Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. As international travel is still difficult, conference committee decided to host the conference online. Thank you all for your participation!

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ICACM 2021 papers have been published in Key Engineering Materials (Vol.907)-[ISBN: 978-3-0357-1894-2]-Online Linkage
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Prof. Hideaki Tsukamoto (Hosei University, Japan) made the welcome address at the beginning of the conference

Prof. Alan Lau (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) was delivering keynote speech Prof. Qingsong Yu (University of Missouri, USA) was delivering plenary speech
Prof. Yoshimi Watanabe (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan) was delivering invited speech Prof. Yoshihiro Terada (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) was delivering invited speech


Session 1 Best Presenter:
Presenter: Ipek Yalcin-Enis, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Paper Title: Mechanical Analysis of Laminated Structures Consisting of Denim Fabric and Recycled HDPE / LDPE Bottle Caps
Session 2 Best Presenter:
Presenter: Kaito Fukui, Hosei University, Japan
Paper Title: Fabrication of Zirconia/ 304 Stainless Steel Functionally Graded Materials Using Centrifugal Slurry Methods and Spark Plasma Sintering
Session 3 Best Presenter:
Presenter: Fatemeh Qaderi, Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Paper Title: Energy-Efficient Abrupt Phase Transition in Vanadium Dioxide Vertical Switches
Session 4 Best Presenter:
Presenter: Sneha S Rao, Deemed to be University, India
Paper Title: Platelet Loaded Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Chitosan Self-assembled with Fucoidan for Sustained Growth Factor Release in Treating Chronic Wounds